About January Rose Bridal

January looks for each of her bridal pieces to express a balance between the traditions of bridal design and modern, innovative style.  Her work is designed for the bride who desires to look striking and unique but is also in touch with the most vibrant trends in bridal fashion, old and new.  January and her team construct each bridal accessory with care, with meticulous craftsmanship and materials of exceptional quality, so that they can be cherished as keepsakes for years to come, and passed down through generations.

Much of her inspiration comes from the lines and forms of Art Nouveau, which provide a foundation for creating pieces that are elegant, sophisticated and sculptural in their construction, but that also have a free form, delicate, and sensual nature.  Each piece is built to last using traditional millinery techniques, and she draws on her experience as a jewelry maker to craft every feature of wire, crystal, silk, and pearl with intricate detail.




Photogrpaher: Desi Baytan Photography  

Styling and Florals: Oak & the Owl